Davis & Husband Hypnotic Rating of Scale

Kondisi "Hypnotic Trance" pada manusia dapat dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian :

0 Insusceptible

2 Relaxation
3 Fluttering of lids
4 Closing of eyes
5 Complete physical relaxation

Light Trance
6 Catalepsy of eyes (too heavy to open)
7 Limb catalepsies (rigidity)
10 Rigid catalepsy
11 Anesthesia (numbness, desensitization: started at the subject's hand usually, then transferred by the subject)

Medium Trance
13 Partial amnesia (loss of memory)
15 Post-hypnotic anesthesia
17 Personality changes
18 Simple post-hypnotic suggestions
20 Kinesthetic delusions (movement); complete amnesia

Deep Trance
21 Ability to open eyes without affecting the trance
23 Bizarre post-hypnotic suggestions
25 Complete somnambulism (sleepwalking or other activity)
26 Positive visual hallucinations, post-hypnotic
27 Positive auditory hallucinations, post-hypnotic
28 Systematized post-hypnotic amnesias
29 Negative auditory hallucinations
30 Negative visual hallucinations; hyperesthesia (abnormal sensitivity of the skin or other sense organ)

Source : Internet Bebas

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